Bengal Cat Personality: 5 Unique (and Entertaining!) Traits

Are you curious about what it would feel like to live with a Bengal Cat? Is it wild or playful? Would it be more like a cat with a dog’s personality? Bengals are known for being intelligent, curious, and energetic. People even go as far to say that Bengals are more like dogs than cats. In fact, this is one of three main reasons people choose Bengal cats (the other two being beauty and hypoallergenic hairs).

Let’s look closer at five fascinating personality traits of the Bengal cat.

What’s a Bengal Cat Personality Actually Like ?

1. Curious Bengal Cats Are

Bengals are extremely curious and will keep you updated on what’s happening. A Bengal will investigate any happenings. Sadie, one my Bengals, is called “Inspector Sadie”. Sadie waits for me every time I return from grocery shopping to inspect all the produce and meat, and smell every can. You’ll need to take it out of your Bengal’s reach if you find something that you don’t want to “explore” or it seems to have captured your Bengal’s attention.

2. Bengal Cats Can Be Vocal

Your alarm clock can be thrown out if you have a Bengal cat. Your Bengal cat will quickly (and loudly!) learn that 7:00 AM is feeding time. At 6:50 am, she will remind you. And when you come home after a long day out, you’ll be welcomed home with a symphony of why-did-you-leave-me? meows. Bengals have lots to say. They don’t mind talking softly to you or screaming at you. This is something that some people find charming. Others may not. It’s always fun to have a conversation about Bengals with me. Sadie is a great listener and will tell you exactly what she thinks!

3. Bengal Cats Are Intelligent

Within the first week of your arrival Bengals will be able to manipulate you. They can express their disgust for any situation. You will be entertained for hours by their silly antics or little games. Bella, one of my kittens loves to hide and collect all house knickknacks from chapstick to keys… and even put them in her water bowls! Gus, another kitten, learned to play fetch at the age of 10 weeks.

For their intelligence, you can thank Bengals’ Asian leopardcat heritage. They are very intelligent and quickly learn new things. Their intelligence is particularly evident at an emotional scale. They can instantly read the mood of a room, the posture of you, and even your voice tone. They can sense how you feel and they can influence your behavior. Their intelligence means that they are more socially and physically active than other cats. This leads to…

4. Bengal Cats Are Social

It is not right to leave your Bengal alone for the entire day. not. gonna. fly. Bengals need companionship. They need companionship. The best thing about a Bengal cat, is the strong bond that you form with her. It can be distressing for your Bengal cat to be left alone for long periods of time. A bored or lonely Bengal can easily become a destructive Bengal . It can be difficult to meet their social needs on your own. Most Bengals prefer to have a companion animal at home.

5. Active Bengal Cats Are

A Bengal is playful! Bengals are energetic as kittens and can be very active into adulthood. You’ve probably heard of Bengals “acting out” or biting things. This is usually because they want play. Play is more than a weekend pastime for a Bengal. It’s a way for them to express their hunter instincts and is as important to them as food or water. Bengal cats still like to nap a lot. After all, it helps them regain energy and allow for more play. Their time awake will be spent following your every move and trying to entertain you.

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