Bengal house cat

The Bengal is not delicate. They are athletes. The Bengal is agile, graceful, and muscular. This cat looks like they belong in the jungle.

Bengal cats, despite their wild appearances, are very affectionate with their humans. They are energetic and playful, with a lot of energy. They are active and want a home that matches their energy.

You’ll be able to provide exercise for the Bengali cat.

Remember that any cat breed can experience health problems throughout their lifetime. You can prepare for your cat’s care with a good pet insurance plan.


The Bengal Bengal is very active and intelligent. Although he is a fun cat to be around, he can sometimes be a challenge. The Bengal cat is an alert, confident, and friendly cat. He is always on the lookout for new things. He loves to play fetch and is a master at tricks. He is almost as agile as his hands and has nimble fingers. Bored bengal cats are capable of adopting some unusual (and sometimes destructive) behaviors, such as turning on and off light switches.


The Bengal loves to play in the water and will often join you in the bath or take a stroll into the shower. His clever paws could pose a risk to aquarium and pond fish. He loves to climb, and will often be seen perched at the highest point in the house. This feline needs a tall cat tree or two, and puzzle toys that challenge his intelligence.