Gogees Heart Breaker of SierraGold

Gogees Breaking News X Gogees Dazy Mae

This young stud is out of two gorgeous Gogees' parents -- Many thanks to Gene for entrusting this fabulous young stud to us; we just cannot wait to see the magic of his incredible genetics!! Thank you Gene for all your kindness in offering this very special fellow to us.




We are so very excited to be able to work with this fabulous young stud. Like both his mom and dad he has just incredible huge donut-like rosetting....but he has more, much more....






His wonderful pattern has great horizontal flow and is painted on the silkiest most perfectly clear coat imaginable. In addition to this, his pelt is incredibly short....something that is not always seen these days. And if these attributes are not enough, he has beautifully set, small very rounded ears, and a great muzzle. We just love towatch this boy move as he appears so leopard-like with his tail consistently carried low.   We especially like his wonderful long body, and his nice large eyes quickly bring thoughts of his ALC ancestors. At just 6 mos. old we are amazed at his presence and just love his super curious and outgoing, no fear personality!




With ancestry going back to OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurthy he has inherited some of that fabulous profile.



If you were lucky enough to hold this young stud, you would soon feel as we do.....that he certainly must have also inherited much of the best of his ancestors.... SGC's Inkosi, Ischiron, Jumanji's Gidget, Warpaint, Custom Made, Art Exhibit, Heaven Made.  Soundness and structure abounds.  And, did you say you were you looking for large and fabulously contrasted rosettes on a super clear coat?? Heart Breaker has it all....all over.....  great big awesome rosettes, beautifully outlined in the deepest richest dark brown/black on a super clear pelt!

We can't wait to get this boy out on the show circuit...please watch for him!!



Gogees Dazy Mae  dam


Here is Heart Breaker's outrageously beautiful mom...She has an unbelievably clear coat that is just so soft and silky with those huge fabulous rosettes Gogee's is so well known for.


Gogees Breaking News   sire


This is Heart Breaker's sire, the "LOOK AT THOSE ROSETTES" and "Oh, my God!" stud. His picture speaks volumes, we think!  Thank you Gene for allowing us to show off your beautiful boy!



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