Show Wins

  3/27/2013 - We just returned from the "On Safari" show in Reno, Nevada.  We are so proud of our newest homegrown stud SierraGold Leonidas.  He took home four finals as well as two "Breeders Choice Awards".

Best Bengal Kitten Bengal Congress - Awarded by Judge Vickie Fisher

Best Allbreed Kitten - Awarded by Judge Vickie Fisher

3rd Best Allbreed Kitten - Awarded by Judge Alexandra Chisholm

7th Best Allbreed Kitten - Awarded by Judge Fate Mays

Breeder's Choice Award - Best Bengal Personality

Breeder's Choice Award - Best Bengal Head

There were a total of 53 kittens at the show and 29 of those were bengal kittens.  We couldn't be happier for Leo and look forward to seeing what he will do as an adult in the show rings.

Just a quick list and a few pictures below of some of our incredible Champions .......more about these incredible Champions as we progress with this new website page.



1-9-11 -- We have just returned from the Jazzy Cats Sacramento Show this past weekend and are pleased to let you know that our CH Xolani has now advanced from the title of Champion in her first show to Double Grand Champion by the finish of her second TICA show!!  Way to go Xolani!

newest title pending TICA confirmation


......sent 12-24-10 ...announcement of another SierraGold Champion!!!

Hello Kathy and George,

  "Abiade" and we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year !   Thanks again for such a wonderful stud. He is lovely and has such a wonderful pattern. In a few weeks we will match him with our little star Zoe. Cannot wait to see these kittens. Zoe has also a wonderful pattern and she has black markings. This should be an incredible matching !   Abiade is Junior Champion also. Next year there will be more shows.   Have a wonderful week !   Regards Abiade, Mario, Madlen and all our other pets

Congratulations to Mario and Madlen on the Junior Championship of SierraGold Abiade

Two New Champions at SierraGold!!!

1-9-11 - Update -  Ch SierraGold Xolani is now Double Grand Champion SierraGold Xolani.  She has achieved this title in only two adult shows!

11-24-10  We just returned from So CA show in Arcadia and are pleased to let  you know that we now have two new SierraGold young champions.  Our fabulous F4 SierraGold Xolani has received three All Breed Finals and will shortly be confirmed as CHAMPION SierraGold Xolani...we just love this young 8 mo old girl....her first adult show and she is already not only a Champion, but is half way to her Grand Champion title!  We are also very pleased to tell you that her brother Kamari has also received his Finals and is awaiting confirmation of his new title of CHAMPION SierraGold Kamari of CalibayBengals and is well on his way to being a Grand Champion, and he is co-owned with Sharleen Hadjsaid 

11-2-10  We traveled by two 40 foot RV's to the largest Bengal specialty show of  the year "ON SAFARI 2010" in Albuquerque, New Mexico, followed by an All Breed two day show over the weekend.  We had a wonderful time with our daughter Cory Ritchie of StarfireBG, Priscilla from Southlynn Bengals, clients Lynn & Max Keever from Benzotts Bengals in Australia, Kathy Morlang of BaliHai Bengals, and our dear friends Marian and Jane. 

We all had a great time shopping, dining, touring, and showing our Bengals.....ending the weekend show with many Best of Breed wins, including an astounding 25 ALL BREED FINALS.  Most ALL BREED FINALS received were in the top 5 out of 10 placements for FINALS awarded..... with an all breed entry of 170 cats!!!  Approximately 70 of these were Bengals entered in our Friday night specialty.  Our girls that Finaled were: SierraGold Aditi, SierraGold Xolani.  Tlhe boys that Finaled were: SierraGold Rio Dulce of BaliHai (owned by Kathy Morlang), SierraGold Mukuru, SierraGold Silver Etching of StarfireBG, Abundadots Gaetano of Starfire,CH Green Mansions Lorenzo of StarfireBG, and QGC Southlynn Vanilla Fudge Ripple (owned by Priscilla South) By the way, Priscilla tells us that her beautiful boy  "Ripple" now only needs one Best Cat Final to garner his Supreme title!  Way to go Priscilla!!! 

Big thanks go to our friend Marian who graciously offered to not only bring her 40ft motor home so that there was plenty of room for all the kitties and people, but also had to learn to drive this huge 40' vehicle ....along with Cory from StarfireBG.  It was amazing to watch these two adventurous and gutsy gals quickly learn to manuever this motorhome and to see just how well they mastered the travel across country.  Wow! I truly was impressed (and thankful) to them both.

L to R - Kathy M./BaliHai Bengals, Jane M/friend, Cory Ritchie/StarfireBengals, myself, Lyn Keevers/Benzotts Bengals-Australia




SierraGold Magic Warrior

with Gerda from Kattenarena

Congratulations to Ron and Gerda from Kattenarena cattery in Holland for their recent wins with SierraGold Magic Warrior.  Some of you may remember a situation with another new breeder who created many problems for us and other breeders in both England and Holland.  We are so appreciative to Ron and Gerda for retrieving the kittens that were sent from SierraGold to this "would be" breeder and giving them the love and care they so needed and deserved.  To their credit, Ron and Gerda brought Magic Warrior, who was one of these kittens, back to top show condition.  He not only won his classes but became Best Adult Bengal at the show!  We could not be happier and more pleased!  Way to go Ronald, Gerda and Magic Warrior!


3-1-10   We are again pleased to announce that we have Championed another of our young queens CH SierraGold Devine Design (pending TICA confirmation).  We were also awarded two additional FINALS for Best of Breed wins on CH SierraGold Topaz, owned by Olga A. and an additional two All Breed Finals for Best of Breed wins with SierraGold Perfect Storm, an incredible little 4 mos old silver marble owned by Cory Ritchie of StarFireBG.

SGC RW SierraGold Perpetual Motion (aka RICOCHET) Owned and loved by Marianne Blair



Supreme Grand Champion SierraGold Perpetual Motion (Ricochet)

plus 3rd Best Bengal in the N.W. ....all after only 5 shows!!!

"Ricochet" is owned, loved and beautifully conditioned by Marianne Blair

Double Grand CH SierraGold Xolani  (F4)

CH SierraGold Kamari of CalibayBengals (F4) - co-owned with Sharleen Hadjsaid

SGC SierraGold Perpetual Motion -  owned, loved and conditioned by Marianne Blair

SGC RW SierraGold Phoenix Rising

SGC RW Gogees Calypso of SierraGold (OS winner of Breeder's Choice Best Purrsonality)

QGC SierraGold Topaz - Owned and loved by Olga Assimov of Australia

RW IW SGC SierraGold Mtn. Tapestry (aka "Mischief")  (#1 Marble in the World 2002-2003 Show Year)

TGC Stonehenge Titanium of SierraGold

QGC Tsunami of SierraGold

TGC SierraGold Tequila Sunrise - now owned by Beckatt Bengals of Australia

GRC BaliHai Aces High of SierraGold

QGC Earth Wind & Fire of SierraGold

QGC King George of SierraGold

GRC Radiant Polar Edition of SierraGold

CH SierraGold Devine Design

CH SierraGold Reflections of Shady Lady

CH SierraGold It's Vegas Baby!  (winner of Jean Mills Visionary Award)

CH Absolutely Bodacious of SierraGold

CH Rio De Oro of SierraGold

CH SierraGold Desire for Fire

CH SierraGold Praline Delight

CH Stonehenge Vindicator of SierraGold

CH Montage of SierraGold

CH Savannah River Stryker of SierraGold

CH SierraGold StarMaster

CH BaliHai Kaleena of SierraGold

CH Jungle Rum of SierraGold

CH SierraGold Mad Max - owned, loved and conditioned by Tom Knight

CH SierraGold Razzmatazz - owned, loved and conditioned by Linda Strait



3-1-10 - FLASH!!!  SierraGold TOPAZ TEASE is now a TICA  Quadruple Grand Champion.  This absolutely stunning boy took numerous Best of Breed Wins and FIVE ALL BREED Finals at his first two TICA shows.  He also won a special judges choice award for "Smallest Bengal Ears"....We are very proud of this handsome fellow, who is now owned by Olga Anissimov in Australia!  Congratulations Olga on the Championship titles of this very special boy!


CHAMPION SierraGold Razzmatazz

Owned, Loved and Conditioned and Photographed by Linda Strait





  12-20-08 We have just been notified by hvery handsome

   young silver stud has just Championed.  See what his owner

   has to say ~

Razz won his championship this past weekend in Puyallup.  My goodness, what a grand cat he is!!  He has a delightful disposition, always purring and looking for mischief.  He is quite the talker, and we can communicate of all levels, it seems.  He is so beautiful, perfect in every way.  His nose has a bump on it, but Pam Barrett told me it will smooth out as his face grows longer.  So far, it isn't a fault, and he finaled three times, competing in the alter classes....against cats that have supremed!   I was so proud of him. Alice Rhea said he was the first silver she has finaled!!  ............   He's going to be a big boy, and he looks just like a little leopard.  He is holding his color, and everytime I look at him, I thank you for sending me such a lovely cat.       We will be attending the Portland show here at the end of Jan. .............................................!     Take care, Linda Strait

8-16-08 - Big CONGRATULATIONS to our friend Tom Knight who today at  the TICA Jazzy Cats show in Hayward, CA has attained the title of CHAMPION with his very first Bengal and very special companion "Max".  Max is now the third young son of our Supreme Grand Champion Calypso to win this prestigious title!! We all are very proud of Tom and his friend "Max" who will become officially:

                                       "Champion SierraGold Mad Max."

....owned, loved and beautifully conditioned by Tom Knight