We are pleased to announce that we will now have our "Cats' Corner" where we will be able to offer you some of the same great kitty items that we use here at the cattery.  As this is just the beginning for us, please bare with us as we start to mold this page.  Soon there will be pictures of the really wonderful Exercise Wheels that many of our clients have been asking about.  In addition to these items, we will be continually looking for the new and unusual to show you....things that you cannot purchase at even the big pet stores.  Watch for our fabulous wire based toys of colorful feathers, raffia and ribbons to hit the site as well as our great and colorful fly toys, leather toys, Comets, Crinkle Balls and our fabulous Walking Jackets ...they are quite unique, beautifully made and last a long time.....even with our Bengals!

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Exercise Wheels will now be available through SierraGold Bengals.  We will be creating a special link on this website shortly that will showcase these wonderful super well built and quiet wheels, as well as some other specialty items we will be carrying such as walking jackets, embroidered pads for your carriers, hammocks, and some of the more unusual toys that are not easily purchased in the stores.  They will be shown and linked under our licensed name of SGB Cats Corner on this website. Watch for it!  If interested in the wheels (which come in a large variety of stain finishes) just email me or call the number listed above for Kathy.

To order anything on this page or if you have questions:

Call George or Charlie at:   209 588 8444

or email:   george@sierragoldbengals.com   or Charlie@sierragoldbengals.com


This beautifully custom stained wood exercise wheel will provide both fun and fitness for your kitty. The 36" diameter wheel is attached to a solid 27" high post on a 24" by 24" base. Traction on the 9" rim is provided by a composite non skid paint which has tiny rubber particles in it. A ball bearing hub assembly on the wheel freely rotates on a steel shaft mounted into the post.  This wheel now also comes in a 48" diameter for the bigger boys!!

Some assembly is required as this unit ships in 2 pieces - the base with post, and the wheel. A deposit of $100 is required to begin the stain customizing. We use minwax stain and the available color choices can be selected below. Normal delivery is within 3 to 4 weeks....sometimes sooner if we have your color choice in stock.


Complete 36" wheel - $649

Complete 48" wheel - $799

Optional hinged cat toy box - +$60.00

California residents - appropriate sales tax will be added.

Shipping costs will be quoted when your destination is given to us, or you may pick it up in Southern California without shipping costs.


Do the Bengals like the wheels??? You bet they do!  Even our young kittens love them.

Look at these two having fun!!!




We are able to accept Personal Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders PayPal and CASH (and Wire Transfers on International Orders Only) Sorry, we cannot accept Credit Cards.


TO ORDER ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE JUST EMAIL US AT George@sierragoldbengals.com and tell us what you want!
Coque Feathers - Plumes - $7.50 ea
3' Sturdy Wire with Lucite Handle
Lucite handle of Coque Feathers
Coque Feathers - yellow
Coque Feathers - red
Coque Feathers - green
PURRfect Feather Bouncer - $6.75
Pink Feather Bouncer - $6.75
Colors: red,pink,turq.,yellow, white
Parakeet Wire & Lucite Handle
Yellow Parakeet - 3' wire & lucite
no feathers to tear out...sturdy!
Green Parakeet  the cats love these!
Lucite and Wire for Parakeet toy
Green or Yellow $10.50




Feather Crinkle Bouncer


This is a wonderfully sturdy toy that is SierraGold Bengals tested and approved.  Our cats love this toy and can't resist the crinkly noise this toy produces when moved about.

Price $6.75


Feather Crinkle Bouncer
Feather Crinkle Bouncer
Each $ .90  Crinkle Balls....cats love them!    Each $ .90
Fresh Catnip Pillows - $3.75 ea. PurrMuda Triange Catnip - $3.75 ea. Pink Catnip Pillow - $3.75 ea.
Glitter Comets - $.35 ea. A FAVORITE! Glitter Comets - Great for fetching!

Glitter Comet - Bag of 24 - $8.00

Colorful Mylar Wands - $1.25 ea Cats and Kittens really love these! Colorful Mylar Wands - $1.25 ea


The Purrfect Feather Cat Toy  (left) comes with one extra feather tie-on.  It is very well made with a lucite wand with rounded tubing well attached and heavy duty colorful cord attached to the feather tie-ons.  $9.50 ea.

Additional Feather Tie-ons may be purchased for $4.00 each.

Purrfect Feather Cat Toy $9.50    


These, like all of our toys are "Bengal tried and true", very sturdy toys.  They come in a variety of patterns as seen below.

Price $10.00

These now also come with now with leather instead of the colorful strings...they cats love them.

PURRfect Go Fur It Toy
3" lucite wand super strong
Go Fur It #1
Go Fur It #2
Go Fur It #3
Go Fur It #4
Go Fur It #5
Go Fur It #6
TO ORDER ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE JUST EMAIL US AT george@sierragoldbengals.com and tell us what you want!


In this book you will find chapters like:

* Selection & evaluation of your new Bengal | kitten or cat? male or female?

* Care | Feeding, grooming, training, the litter box, the scratching post...

* Health | Immunizations to various diseases to avoid, and updates on the various diseases!

* Special chapters for Breeders, which include dealing with some of the more common problems breeders are faced with!

* You will also be pleased to find that there are three pages with photos of our SierraGold Bengals in this book!  See if you can find them!

To order your copy of "Getting to Know the Bengal Cat", you can go to Gogees Bengals wesite to order....we no longer carry these at our cattery.The price of the book is $22 plus $5 for shipping in the US. (Canada add $7, International Airmail add $10).