Sierra Gold Bengals



We are sorry to announce that SierraGold Bengals has closed the cattery.  We would like to recommend the following breeders if you are interested in a future kitten or retired adult: - Priscilla South of Georgia - Roxanne Blank of California


SierraGold Bengals will never do business with Marlon Azada or Jennifer Simper of AloraCats Bengals again. Based on my previous interactions with Aloracats Bengals, it is my opinion that they are liars and lack the professionalism and integrity required to be ethical bengal breeders. Please click here to read the details that caused me to come to this conclusion.


SierraGold's Studs

We are pleased to present some of our wonderful studs. We promise that they are not only incredibly handsome (many are TICA Champions), but we guarantee they are the sweetest and most lovable boys you will ever meet.

Each boy has their own page with more photos and information, just follow the text link below their picture! It is due in large part to these great studs and their outcross genetics that we are able to make top quality Bengal kittens available year round in the many beautiful patterns of brown/golden  spotted/rosetted, and tri and sometimes quad color brown/gold marbles as well as our new line of stunning silver marbles.


  3/27/2013 - We just returned from the "On Safari" show in Reno, Nevada.  We are so proud of our newest homegrown stud SierraGold Leonidas.  He took home four finals as well as two "Breeders Choice Awards".

Best Bengal Kitten Bengal Congress - Awarded by Judge Vickie Fisher

Best Allbreed Kitten - Awarded by Judge Vickie Fisher

3rd Best Allbreed Kitten - Awarded by Judge Alexandra Chisholm

7th Best Allbreed Kitten - Awarded by Judge Fate Mays

Breeder's Choice Award - Best Bengal Personality

Breeder's Choice Award - Best Bengal Head

There were a total of 53 kittens at the show and 29 of those were bengal kittens.  We couldn't be happier for Leo and look forward to seeing what he will do as an adult in the show rings.


DGC SierraGold Leonidas

SierraGold Nisaba X SGC Gogees Calypso of SierraGold








CH SierraGold Leonidas

SierraGold Cheeky Monkey

Purrlawnrouge Mindfreak of SierraGold X Stonehenge Joss Stone of SierraGold








SierraGold Cheeky Monkey (Retired)       


StarFireBG Buddha of SierraGold

Stonehenge Wild Spirit of SierraGold X Beckatt Doma Vittoria of StarFireBG






StarFireBG Buddha of SierraGold (Retired)



Abundadots Gaetano of SierraGold









Abundadots Gaetano of SierraGold



7-4-09 - More WOW!!   Champion SierraGold It's Vegas Baby was also just awarded the TICA MP Best Bengal Kitten Award for 2009!  We are also pleased to let you all know

that Vegas has finally figured "it" out and his first litters will be on the ground soon!   Update:  His

first daughter has been born and she is a beauty!  Mom is Bright for her pictures.

Vegas is seen here winning the Jean Mill Vision Award for Best Male Kitten with the originator and

Grand Dam of Bengals Jean Mill on March 1, 2009 6-14-10

This young SierraGold bred stud has now won an almost unbelievable 15 Finals in his first two

shows at just 7months of age.  Vegas has the most fabulous pelt and contrast, tiny rounded ears,

big wide eyes, lovely profile and great domed head, nice short thick tail, and he is built like a Mack

truck! Super solid!

3-2--09 Arcadia, CA - SOCal ExoTICA Cat Club - SierraGold It's Vegas Baby wins again!  This time our gorgeous young

stud took 8 All Breed Finals from 10 Rings and was also awarded the Jean Mill Vision Award!


Gogees Heart Breaker of SierraGold (Retired)

Gogees Breaking News X Gogees Dazy Mae

We just love this beautiful boy!  He has incredible length of body and is super solid from both his fabulous genetics    and the exercise he gets on his exercise wheel each day.   He has a beautiful head, great profile and nicely rounded small ears, followed by his loooooong body, is his medium length tail. Add to this those incredible HUGE  rosettes which flow in a beautiful horizontal pattern along his body  which is covered by the softest, silkiest pelt ever. We are sure this young stud has something very special to bring to our program.


See more photos and information...

  RW CH SierraGold Its Vegas Baby! 6-10


Gogees Heart Breaker of SierraGold X SierraGold Starry Night

 It sure feels like we have hit a bonanza with our new boys!  We are so excited to bring you yet another new young stud muffin for 2009.  Please meet our "SierraGold It's Vegas Baby!"  He has the most adorable expression, with his big eyes and puffy little whisker pads.  His color is an absolutely lucious golden brown with huge, dark outlined rosettes on a silky thick and soft pelt.  He is loaded with glitter and has a wonderful short fat little tail.  Although he is barely 3 mos old, we see some very bright promise in him and will be excited to be able to get him out on the show circuit by the end of the year.  We hope you will watch for him and cheer him on as he starts out on the road to Championship status along with "Magic" and "Captain Jack"!     FLASH!!!  1-17-18-09  VEGAS entered his show career with a WOW!!!!   10 RINGS - 9 First Best of Breed Wins with 7 All Breed Finals in top 5!!!  and one 2nd Best of Breed

See more photos and information..



  It's Vegas Baby!!!  (3 1/2 mos) 6-14-10
  This incredible son of our Heart Breaker is now a Champion at just 8 months old.  He is all we could have dreamed of and more...Super rich golden color, huge rosettes, fabulous eyes, small rounded ears, short thick tail, a super stron chin, short tight pelt, and a body that feels like it is filled with solid gold!

Oakland Hills/Secret Spot Rejang of SierraGold   (Retired)   (will be HCM tested Spring 2011)

GRC Metastar Trotter x CH Spotsnglitz Timoune of OaklandHills

Reggie is one of our favorite new young studs.  He comes from our friend Tracy at SecretSpot in Michigan and we cannot thank her enough.  He has a most incredible personality and is a real kick to play with.....but don't go trying to leave him until you wear him out!  He just loves to jump and grab you, wrap his paws around your leg, reach out for you and pull you into to him, and talk his way into your heart.  Along with all of his incredible personality, he has really superb structure.  He is very solid and a nice big boy with a really beautiful horizontal pattern of wide bands of warm and french vanilla coloring.  His head is just perfect for our program as he has great muzzle, lovely profile and strong chin, nice large beautifully shaped eyes, and the smallest and nicely rounded ears I have seen on a tri color marble.....he will do wonders for the tri color marbles.  In addition to this he has a great thick and short tail and a very boy-like but quite pleasing expression.
See more photos and information.  

RW SGC SierraGold Phoenix Rising6-10


SierraGold Mia x RW QGC Earth Wind and Fire of SierraGold

See more photos and information...

2nd Best Brown Marble Cat Internationally

FLASH!  Phoenix has been awarded MP Region 5th Best Shorthair Cat, 9th Best All Breed  (long & short hair combined)

We are so very proud of this spectacular tri-color marble who is the a son of our fabulous QGC RW Earth Wind and Fire, and first of our new marble line to receive the title of "Supreme Grand Champion" SierraGold Phoenix Rising.   He is at stud now with our girls and has been producing some spectacular kittens for us in both tri color marble and brown spotted patterns. Phoenix already has several Champions to his record.  He has incredible substance with muscle abounding, a super thick tail, fabulous horizontal flow to his pattern with hot golden color added between the rich glittered black and cream.  His profile, small ears, super wide nose leather, and ultra stong chin just add even more to his overall package.  We feel so fortunate to have this boy for our program.

RW SGC Calypso of SierraGold 6-14-10


IW SGC Katznjamnr Inkosi X Gogees Heaven Made

See more photos and information...

Calypso is a most incredible Bengal cat!  Not only is he an amazing and fabulously beautiful boy, but he has the temperament of an angel. He loves everyone and it would seem everyone he meets love him also.  He has won the On Safari coveted "Breeder's Choice" award for Best Purrsonality as he is constantly making happy feet, head butting and purring! The most amazing thing is that he continues to get better looking as he at 3 1/2 yrs. young, he still has the richest and most wonderful color you ever saw...Fading gene???  What's that???  Not with this fellow!

CH Stonehenge Wild Spirit of SierraGold (Retired)

Stonehenge Futures Wild X Abundadots Printzsis of Stonehenge 1-14-10

   Below are examples of two of CH Spirit's offspring ~

This handsome fellow will be joining us this year to add some of his wonderful genetics to our program.  We just love his beautiful but very masculine head with wide nose leather, strong chin, wide set eyes and small rounded ears. He is beautifully sound and has a thick golden pelt with great outlined rosettes.... which he obviously passes on to his offspring as you can see in the pictures above.  He also has no rib bars anywhere, a nice thick tail with no faults... at the age of 3 he has just tested in Jan. 2010 HCM clear, and locket free. We can't wait to see what he will do with our beautiful rich golden rosetted SierraGold girls that have joined our program this year too!



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