We are sorry to announce that SierraGold Bengals has closed the cattery.  We would like to recommend the following breeders if you are interested in a future kitten or retired adult:

www.southlynnbengals.com - Priscilla South of Georgia

www.tatsubengals.com - Roxanne Blank of California


SierraGold Bengals will never do business with Marlon Azada or Jennifer Simper of AloraCats Bengals again. Based on my previous interactions with Aloracats Bengals, it is my opinion that they are liars and lack the professionalism and integrity required to be ethical bengal breeders. Please click here to read the details that caused me to come to this conclusion.


SierraGold's Queens

Welcome to our Queens page! Here you will find the “best of the best” in terms of overall beauty, health, personality and genetics. Each of these young queens were “pick” of the litter kittens.  These beautiful queens together with our fabulous studs, offer us the most diverse selection of genetics which enables us to make our Bengal kittens available year round in all the lovely patterns of brown/golden spotted/rosetted, tri and sometimes quad color brown/golden marbles and also our new stunning silver marbles.  We are very proud of our queens as they have repeatedly impressed us with their incredible personalities and the depth of good mothering we see from them…..not to mention, the overall quality of the kittens they produce for us! Each queen has her own page with more photos and information, just follow the text link below their picture!  These are the Queens who will be producing the fabulous array of Bengal Kittens For Sale that you can see on on SierraGold Kittens page.



  Please meet our newest home bred Queens


SierraGold Gianna (AKA GiGi)

Rowan Kit Kat of SierraGold X Abundadots Gaetano of SierraGold





SierraGold Gianna





SierraGold Glacier Freeze (AKA Lacie)

Rowan Kit Kat of SierraGold X Abundadots Gaetano of SierraGold









SierraGold Glacier Freeze



SierraGold Shenaniganz - RESERVED for Jynohn at Norland Bengals

SierraGold Reflections of Shady Lady X SierraGold Cheeky Monkey





SierraGold Shenaniganz


Rowan Kit Kat of SierraGold


Rowan Kit Kat of SierraGold



SierraGold Mist

SierraGold Perfect Storm X Abundadots Gaetano of SierraGold











SierraGold Mist





     Incredible super clear Mellow Yellow pelt and deep gold

     eyes make this young queen extra special.

SierraGold Mellow Yellow (Retired)

SierraGold Tawny Treasure x CH SierraGold It's Vegas Baby!


SierraGold Hearts A Fire (Retired)

Secretspot Picasso X SierraGold Sweet Miracle

See more photos and information...

SierraGold Shashti (Retired)

Le Almee Belle of SierraGold X RW CH SierraGold It's Vegas Baby! - 6 mos old  and simply stunning!

See more photos and information...


SierraGold Sweet Lil Lollipop Girl (Lolli) (Retired)

SierraGold Sweet Fusion X SierraGold Cap't Jack Sparrow

Pictured here at 5 mos. old  - gorgeous head, incredible pattern flow --she was named Sweet Obsession but this new name just fits her better.

            Above - Our Lollipop Girl

CH SierraGold Reflections of ShadyLady (Retired)

Matahari Shady Lady of SierraGold X Gogees HeartBreaker of SierraGold

See more photos and information...  

SierraGold Trinity River (Retired)

Markii Bastet of SierraGold X SGC SierraGold PhoenixRising

One of our favorite tri color marble queens. Trinity has the most outstanding coat and contrast... simply fabulous!  She also has an exquisite head with great whisker pads, profile, rounded ears, and those huge amber eyes from Bastet.

See more photos and information...


 Dbl Grand Champion SierraGold Xolani F4          (Retired)

    Awagati Runnerof Noahs Pride X SGC RW Calypso

    Thiis very beautiful young queen is our first F4 and we are hoping

    she will help keep the essense of the Asian Leopard in our lines. 

   This young queen has such fabulous type, and an

    extremely wild head and great large eyes. 

See more photos and information...




CH SierraGold Devine Design (the Diva!)

SecretSpot Picasso of SierraGold X SierraGold Magma Motion
See more photos and information...

Encore Le Almee Belle of SierraGold - (Retired)

Stonehenge Jungle Fusion of SierraGold X

Azana Jungle Genre of Encore

See more photos and information...




    SierraGold Juji Kabibe (Retired)

      SecretSpot Rejang River X SierraGold X Trinity River

See more photos and information...

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