SierraGold's Bengals

Our Bengals are bred from top quality genetic lines and raised underfoot with love and attention to help them develop their most affectionate temperament.

Kittens stay with us till they have received their first two vaccinations and have developed confidence and excellent manners from mom and siblings. Our kittens are ready to come to their new homes between 11-12 weeks of age.

Kitten prices are set on an individual basis. Kittens are assessed at 6-7 weeks of age for their quality, based on their comparison to the Bengal standard. All of our kittens will be beautiful, wonderful companions and some will also be show and breeding quality. Prices for a beautiful pet range between $900-$1700. Breeding and show alter kittens range between $1800-$2500. The costs for shipping is not included in the kittens price and is calculated based on flight rates at the time for travel. We no longer offer international sales or shipping.

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