SierraGold Its Vegas Baby!

Gogees Heart Breaker X SierraGold Starry Night

We are proud to present this new young stud who comes to us from two other of our gorgeous rosetted and very golden parents.  As you will see, he has inherited many of their wonderful attributes....these top four pictures of him as he starts to mature.....he is just 4 1/2 months old! 


We are presenting him here at the very tender age of 14 weeks so that you may follow his evolution from a beautiful young stud muffin to what we hope to be a very exciting new stud for our wonderful brown spotted program here at SierraGold.  We hope will enjoy seeing these as much as we enjoy loving and watching him around the cattery here at SierraGold!





We think Vegas Baby is just absolutely incredible!   He is certainly one of the best we have produced! His head has a wonderful, smooth rolling profile which runs over a super egg domed shaped skull and a great powerful neck.  His extremely large gold/green eyes are absolutely striking and beautifully surrounded with light spectacles. His pelt is short, thick and highly contrasted and also covered in glitter. We just love his fabulously strong chin which reminds us of the power of the leopards from which this breed has evolved, along with his great wide nose leather and terrific wide muzzle and whisker pads.  His ears are small and nicely rounded and perfectly set on his head.  He has sensational huge deep golden donut rosettes outlined in sharp black.  He carries this all on a lighted tummy on a nice sound structure.  We can't wait to get him out to the shows!





To the right you will see our Vegas Baby's sire.... Heart is amazing how he too seems to have inherited much of the best of his ancestors.... SGC's Inkosi, Ischiron, Wurthy, Jumanji's Gidget, Warpaint, Custom Made, Art Exhibit, Heaven Made.  Soundness and structure abounds.  And, did you say you were you looking for large and fabulously contrasted rosettes ?  Well, each week we see his rosettes getting larger and more contrasted. We think our young "Magic" has the full package......  great big awesome rosettes emerging, beautifully outlined on a clear pelt!


Gogees Dazy Mae granddam


Here is Vegas Baby's outrageously beautiful grandmother...She has an unbelievably clear coat that is just so soft and silky with those huge fabulous rosettes Gogee's is so well known for.


Gogees Breaking News   grandsire


This is "Magic's" grandsire, more fabulous large rosettes on a clear coat. His picture speaks volumes, we think!  Thank you Gene for allowing us to show off your beautiful boy!



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