Sierra Gold Bengals


My opinion about AloraCats Bengals, Marlon Azada & Jennifer Simper:


SierraGold Bengals will never do business with Marlon Azada or Jennifer Simper of AloraCats Bengals again.  It is my opinion that they are liars and lack the professionalism required to be ethical bengal breeders.  The following timeline shows the reasons I have come to this conclusion.  Please feel free to review and decide for yourself.



March 3, 2014 - Marlon Azada bought an unproven breeding queen at a discounted price which included shipping due to the fact that she had a tail fault which he was fully aware of before he purchased her.  The contract had a 4 day health guarantee, and to my knowledge, he never took her to the vet within that timeframe to have a health check-up.  There was absolutely no fertility guarantee in the contract.


In late March, Marlon Azada informed me by telephone that he thought she might be pregnant.  Unfortunately, I was not aware that my one prior attempt to mate her was successful but it calculated out that her due date would be April 9, 2014.  I proposed that I would help him sell the litter and we would split the proceeds from the sale of the kittens.  He verbally agreed to this arrangement.


April 9, 2014 - Marlon Azada informed me via text message that the queen had 6 kittens.  He stated that 4 were doing well and nursing fine but 2 were having problems latching on.  I encouraged him to check for cleft palates more than once which he admitted he did not do several days later.


May 7, 2014 - Marlon Azada stated that the smallest kitten had passed away (the other 5 were doing well) and that he had a necropsy done that said cause of death was DCM.  He has never sent me any vet records showing this.  He had expressed a concern that the queen may carry a hereditary heart defect that may be passed on to future kittens.  At this point (2 months after any health guarantee per the contract), I asked that he get the queen's heart tested and that if anything negative showed up I would compensate him but if she checked out fine that the cost of the test would be his responsibility. He also acknowledged via text message that he had reviewed the contract and understood that I was under no obligation to offer any guarantee.  Even though I was not obligated under the contract, I was trying to work things out with him to have a happy customer.   PLEASE NOTE:  I spoke with my own vet regarding DCM once Marlon expressed his concerns and my vet told me that there was no reason to assume that one kitten passing from DCM would be cause to spay a queen without further testing on the queen.  In my vet's words he said it could very possibly be a "fluke occurrence" and that further testing would be required to see if it was in any way linked to the queen.


May 12, 2014 - Marlon Azada informed me via text that he had no intention of spending any money testing the queen.  I told him that if he did not test the queen that my offer for compensation was off the table.  I also had asked him to call me so we could work out the details for the registration of the queen's litter since the litter had been bred at my home while I was owner of both the stud and queen.


May 14, 2014 - Still had not received a call from Marlon Azada  so I texted him and requested him to call again.  He replied that he would call me the next day.


May 17, 2014 - STILL no call from Marlon Azada.  I texted him again requesting a phone call to resolve the situation.  At this point he texted back and said "I would call you now but watching a movie and then have plans with friends".


May 23, 2014 - STILL no call or text reply from Marlon Azada.  Texted him with a last ditch effort to resolve the registration situation.  Still no call from him to this day (7/12/14).


July 1, 2014 - I have email correspondence from Jennifer Simper stating that SierraGold Gianna was due to have another litter that month.  She also stated that Gianna had one previous litter that consisted of 4 kittens.  In my opinion, one can only assume that 4 out of the original 6 had survived since I know she had not been bred prior to that.  I also find it disgusting that if she was due in July then they must have bred her only 2 weeks after she had delivered the previous 6 kittens.


July 10, 2014 - The website states that a litter was born on July 4, 2014 to SierraGold Gianna X RW SGC Zuriel of Aloracats.


July 10, 2014 - I emailed Marlon Azada & Jennifer Simper asking the status of her previous litter and said I noticed on the website she had another one just born.  Marlon stated that none of the previous kittens had survived (I still have not received a single vet record and based on this whole experience I'm finding it hard to believe he is telling the truth) and that she did not have another litter nor was she bred again.  He said "I for sure would know if she was pregnant".  I sent him a copy of his webpage showing the litter announcement and he said it was a web designer mistake.


July 10, 2014 - I emailed back questioning the truth at which point I received a reply that she had not had a litter but was due next month.  This is now the 3rd time the story had changed regarding when or if Gianna had been bred or had another litter.


July 11, 2014 - I checked the website and it appears that they have removed only Gianna's name from the July 4th litter announcement but they have not put another queen's name in her place.  That seems very suspicious to me. 


I will never know whether all 6 kittens from Gianna's first litter really passed away or whether Aloracats chose to sell the 4 kittens mentioned in the July email by Jennifer Simper without registration papers.  I still have never received any veterinary documentation.  If Alorcats subsequently chooses to provide me with the proper veterinary documentation then I will happily remove this statement.


It should be noted that I still have copies of all email and text correspondence as proof of the above statements.


It is merely my intention to state the facts about my own personal interactions with Aloracats Bengals and Marlon Azada/Jennifer Simper.  At the very least, it is my opinion that the aforementioned timeline shows that they are not always truthful.  Personally, I question their integrity and professionalism.  I fully encourage you to do your research and make your own decision.