Welcome to SierraGold!

Our bengals are a big part of our lives and we are so glad and fortunate to share our time with such special companions! We have prepared this little tour so that you can see how we raise our spectacular companions.

We welcome visitors in real-life too; come see us and our bengals when you are in our area. We have Bengal kittens available and kittens for sale all year and we do ship Internationally.

We began breeding and showing bengals in the late 1990's and have been captivated by them, their intelligence, playfulness and loving personality ever since!

We are so fortunate to live in the historic Columbia area of Northern California; it is a wonderful somewhat rural lifestyle within easy drive from the Bay Area, Sacramento or Reno or Southern California!!

When we aren't at home raising great bengals we enjoy traveling to cat shows in our 40 ft. RV, meeting with other breeders and clients, sharing fun, bengal talk and ideas, and visiting other points of interest along the way.  We get out there to shows because it is fun, we make great friends and also because we are committed to knowing what terrific bengals and bloodlines are out there. We believe strongly that our commitment to continually add varied, superior genetic lines to our breeding program will support our bengals' long-term good health and success.




Over the years our home has become everything we need to enjoy and excel at this terrific hobby.

Our Great Room and Kitchen is the hub of kitty activity. The queens, teenagers and older kittens run and play together throughout the main rooms---it's all toys, wheels and kitty-trees. Our little canine mascot, Chica, is just another breed of play-buddy.



Our Master Bedroom, and a guest room provide the best refuge for expecting queens to give birth. We are with our queens when they deliver; it is a special bond and comfort that they seem to appreciate. They keep their comfy place away from the others and share quiet and privacy in the early weeks raising their tiny babies.

Having their own space to be alone with their babies gives our queens a sense of security and the babies have calm, undisturbed love and care until they are big and independent enough to play in a group.

Our hospital room gives us another place for kitties, in case of illness.




The two large screened rooms we added are a wonderful place for older kittens to get fresh air and experience more variety and some independence. They are busy little characters from about five weeks of age; exploring, playing with toys, climbing and even testing out the water fountains!

We recently added some more play rooms in the garage--converting some of the space and adding heat and A/C, for when it is too cold or warm in the screened rooms. This adds another place with shade and cool air (or heat when needed) for kittens to play.



Our studs live in their own beautifully set up house--they each have their own indoor and outdoor living quarters overlooking the beautiful view of the valley and New Melones reservior. Outdoors is screened only, to make the most of the fresh air. They each have a big "exercise wheel" to run and play on while spending time outside.

Inside quarters are specially designed for lounging studs--with hammocks, hanging toys, personal "dens" and lots of climbing shelves to observe their kingdom. They even have their own television!

Life is busy, fun and fulfilling--much of that is because of our Bengals, the wonderful felines we share our life with. We love to share our passion for them with you too and we welcome visitors here at SierraGold.

...Just head down the walk, past the welcome kitty and come on in!




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