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Taking time to smell the roses.......Sunset at SierraGold

November 8, 2007

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life...especially here at the cattery, we sometimes have to be reminded to take time to enjoy the simple things in life.  Tonight was one of these nights and thanks to my husband George I was reminded of this.  It was about 5:30 in the evening and I was still going about the daily routine. I was just getting off the phone with a good friend and breeder who lives out of state when George, who was standing in the middle of our Great Room, told me that I really had to stop and look at the sunset.  I was busy and a bit bothered that he was interrupting my phone conversation but since I was just about to finish up, I figured I would get up from the desk and take a peek out the window.  To my great pleasure I saw this most beautiful tail-end of our evening sunset.  It was just so beautiful, that I realized I just had to take a picture of it.

I quickly grabbed my camera and dashed out the front door, with the phone still plugged into my ear saying good bye to my friend, and George hollering after me that better hurry up if I was going to get a picture of this fabulous sunset before it completely disappeared below the horizon.  I did, and promised my friend I would send him the picture if it turned out ....and as you can see it did indeed.

So for my friend and all of you out there, let this be a reminder to take even just a few minutes a day to stop and look at the wonders that are around us.  I think you will find as I did tonight that there are some pretty spectacular things happening every day that we just take for granted!!!





A new member of the SierraGold Family Zoo!  Romeo!!!!

November 2, 2007

In starting this article, the first thing that comes to mind is "Love at first sight!"  That incredible as it sounds was indeed what I believe happened..  You see, a few weeks back George and I happen to have a rare spare couple of hours of time. There there just happend to be at our Sonora Fairgrounds an Exotic Pet show, so we thought..."Why not go?"  We would just get away and enjoy looking at some unusual animals not in the feline family and share an afternoon together.  There was never an intention of purchasing another pet.  We both knew that with the kitties and our two dogs, Dakota and Chica, we certainly had our share of loving pets to care for.

We arrived at the fairgrounds and entered the building to see all kinds of wonderful exotic birds, reptiles, and the like. There were also many toys and cages being sold to accomodate anyone who desired to go home with one of these exotics.  BUT this would certainly not be us, there was NO intention on our part to bring home another pet.

We wandered about enjoying the sights from table to table and breeder to breeder particularly enjoying the fabulous colorful birds.  There were all sizes and shapes from Tucans to Canaries, talking birds to sweet song birds.  Then, as we rounded one of the tables our eyes met!  There a beautifully colored little parrot-like bird so brightly colored it took my breath away.  There was a very kind and pleasant woman behind the table who told me that this little fellow as a "Caique" who came from an area in the Amazon basin.  She said he was only 11 weeks old and was exceptionally sweet and did I want to hold him.  "Sure!", I said.  What harm could it be....he was not so large as the big parrots and although his beak was shaped like the larger parrots, I just felt I was safe in case he decided not to take a liking to me.  Well, I think we just both fell in love....he was sooooo sweet and cuddled and made little bird noises.  For me, the icing on the cake was when he absolutely refused to get back on the hand of the woman who had hand raised him....he appeared to want to stay with me.  He simply did not want to go back in his cage.  Finally with a bit of coaxing and being literally picked off my hand and placed back in the cage he was in, the door was shut!  I felt so bad, but walked away and continued my tour of the building and other animals....all the time with this little bird on my mind.

I would think, "Oh, I just have to have that bird...."  then come to my senses and tell myself "no way!".  However,  I just could not shake the idea of that outrageously beautiful little bird that looked like a parrot....but was smaller, and ohhhh so lovable, wanting ME to love him..  I went back to the table and asked his price...Whoa....that was (or should have been enough) to dissuade me.  I asked what they thought about him living with a houseful of Bengal cats.  They said that once he was settled in and grown, that he would definitely be able to handle the cats.  The Caiques were known to be lovable, friendly, intelligent clowns of the bird world and extremely capable when it came to living with cats....even Bengals..   I left the table once again and began to wander about...aimlessly this time...just thinking about this silly little bird.  I wrestled with the thought....over and over I told myself that I did not need a BIRD!  And then I went right back over to the table and asked to bring him out again.  At this point it was all over!  I was hopelessly in love with this little fellow.

Romeo, named because he is such a little love, is now here at SierraGold, singing and giving me the wolf whistle each time we enter the kitchen.  (I though it would be fun at my age to have at least one wolf whistle a day)...so this is just about the first thing we taught Romeo....and he has learned it quite well.  It is really great to walk into the kitchen each morning to a pretty little bird giving me a wolf whistle as I I go for my morning coffee.  To me it is a great way to start off the day!


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And now a new Quadruple Grand Champion...

October 16,2007

Just a quick update from the Sacramento, CA show this weekend. Our very special young stud GRC SierraGold Phoenix Rising has just been awarded another 9 Finals in Sacramento over the weekend!  Unbelievable and so very exciting. This fabulous young fellow has gone in two show  from Champion to Quadruple Grand Champion!  His recent 9 Finals include a Best in Show All Breed win over 57 cats, three 2nd Best in Show ribbons, a 3rd Best in Show and others. It was said by one of our wonderfuld TICA judges that this young stud would surely make wonderful changes tot he Bengal breed as a whole!  WOW!  If you take a close look at this boy...and then handle him and feel his soundness and hear him purr, you will know why!  Watch for him in Tucson, AZ and then Corpus Christie as he continues his journey toward his Supreme Grand Champion destination.


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A New Grand Champion

September 25, 2007

We recently had a very exciting weekend at the Silver Cats show in Sparks, Nevada. Our handsome young stud, Phoenix Rising, was entered in this, his first adult show, along with a couple of our other studs. We knew there was a large Bengal entry before leaving for the show so we would have been tickled to get one Final and a Championship on our young stud. Much to our surprise, Phoenix not only Championed with three Best of Breed wins and three Finals, but repeated this by winning an additional three Best of Breed wins and three more Finals... including a Best in Show All Breed Final, a 2nd Best in Show All Breed Final, and a 3rd Best in Show All Breed Final amongst the 6 Finals! We could not be more pleased and proud of our home bred young stud muffin! After his first show he has attained a Grand Champion title. Phoenix has matured into an incredible looking fellow, gorgeous, super sound and built like a brick house!  Phoenix is the son of QGC RW Earth Wind and Fire and is the SierraGold foundation stud for our new Tri-Color Marble program. Please watch for him as he continues his campaign for the ultimate Supreme Grand Champion title. 


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Like Cats and Dogs
September 5, 2007

People always ask me, “Do Bengals get along with other animals, like dogs?” That always makes me smile, because they actually have a ball together! Of course, different personalities play a part in who an animal picks for their best pals, but they almost always “get along”. We have been enjoying little Chica growing up here and she and CH Praline have become good buddies—Praline is a sweet, funny girl who plays and plays and Chica, as a puppy, definitely shares that in common with her!

Here are some pictures that we took of these two at play the other day…



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SierraGold's New Mascott
June 30, 2007

Meet our new SierraGold mascot!!! CHICA!! Well, we did it!! We just could not resist this darling little female Chihuahua puppy! She is from the litter of puppies born at my Bengal Assistant Arlene's home and is a sister (the only girl in the litter of 5) to the little one we nicknamed "Spike", who was nursed and loved by our fabulous U-Rock Girl. We have named our little golden girl, "CHICA", and just have more fun watching her antics with the kittens! What a loving, little doll she is....and just about all the kitties love her too....they often fall asleep together cuddled in a basket.  We are also just tickled to tell you that little "Spike" now named CHI CHU is happily living in Washington with Tami, Jamie, and Palmer at Encore. CHI CHU turned out to be quite an irresistible little fellow too!




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Anyplace is good for a snuggle
May 2, 2007

Late night efforts to keep everyone up to date on their new kittens even tends to wear out the kitties. (These sessions usually last until well after everyone else has gone to bed....sometimes until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m!)  We usually start out with  many of the kittens on, around and all over me and the desk. This night I noticed two of my gang found my file drawer open and climbed in to cuddle up—I placed a small baby blanket in the back part of the desk drawer and they thought it was a super place to snuggle!

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Cutest story ever!!!
April 7, 2007

Would you believe that our very special U-Rock-Girl is now nursing, along with her own kittens, another very special baby?  Yes, last night (4-7-07) my Bengal Assistant Arlene called to check in and let me know how her newly born litter of Chihuahua puppies were doing.  There were 5 in the litter....one was much smaller than the other 4 and just could not seem to latch on to moms rather HUGE nipples...(and I do mean huge!)...and so was not getting any food.  At 11:30 last night while talking about this, I suggested that perhaps one of my three momma kitties might take on the little guy.  Arlene concurred, and warmly wrapped him up and brought him over.  "Rocky" had already proven her motherly instincts by taking on four other kittens last time for another Bengal mother that was not such a great mom....that time, she had a total of 9 kittens and nursed and cared for them all as though they had been hers from the start.  So, we figured...what was just one tiny puppy more?  Her Litter was much smaller than nine! The big question was: would she accept him. 

Well, I cuddled the puppy to get my scent on him and then took one of the baby blankets from inside Rocky's kittens nest and rubbed it on the little boy too.  I gently placed him on the carpet in front of the kittens nest.  He cried...but it sure was not a meow...and Rocky became alarmed, her tail puffed out and she came out to check this ??? out!  She was clearly confused and a bit alarmed.  After minutes of gently talking with her and letting the puppy cry a little so to get Rocky's motherly instincts working, she went back into the kitten nest and started to relax and nurse her own kittens again....She never growled or acted aggressive in any way....but was obviously more confused than anything...and upset that there was a little one crying.  Finally, I took the tiny puppy (who was only about half the size of the palm of my hand) and put my palm down in the kittening nest with the puppy on it to keep the puppy warm...and Rocky checked him out again and went back to nursing her kittens.  Well, although she did not readily take the puppy, I knew then that she would not hurt him.  I gently took the little puppy and offered him a chance to suckle on Rocky.....he was strong and more than willing to latch on and have his first good meal since being born hours earlier.

Just to be safe, I decided to sleep with all of them.  Rocky by this time had fully accepted her new little one...who was black and white, (and not a spot anywhere), and was about 1/3 the size of Rocky's almost three week old kittens...but he was strong and full of energy.  He now has been nursing on and off since last night, wriggling his way through the Bengal babies and latching on time and again to get his share of the milk.  When he is full, he just becomes part of the pile of little spots; all warm and cuddly.  When momma cleans the kittens she cleans him too, although I have to laugh, when she first started cleaning him she sure made the funniest face.....like when there is a very interesting smell. She pursed her mouth in that way all cats do to take in some new and unusual scent.  I would have to say that it looks like there will be quite a happy ending to this tail..tale...lol.  I just can't help but wonder if this puppy will think he is a Bengal!


This is Rocky with her litter of kittens plus one...

Here are two of the kittens with "brother" Spike...



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More Fun at SierraGold
February 18, 2007

As I was making the morning rounds, I happened in the great room to find our Platinum Pleasure.....acting quite silly trying out some acrobatics on the cornice above our front windows. I just could not resist taking this picture.

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Welcome to my world
Sept. 1, 2006

Mornings at SierraGold are always lots of fun...I get up, get dressed and get my cup of coffee and head for my desk in our great room to check emails. (More often than not I am accosted by some of the gang wanting a special treat...so, many times that gets taken care of even before MY coffee....LOL)  Once this is done I can be assured that my gang will start their early morning play... racing around chasing each other, hide and seek, and grab the toy and run are favorites of my "kids".  We have mostly hardwood floors which are great fun for them, as many times they will end up sliding around corners....or someone jumps out and goes "boo!" to another and the startled one jumps straight up in the air...only to land, change direction and start all over.  However, amongst the regular goings on, I heard an unusual thunder of feet racing back and forth from my dining room through the hall and entryway and into the great room and then back again....and again...and again.  I couldn't help but hear that something different was taking place.  I looked up from my computer to see 4-5 of the kids chasing after Sweet Fusion who had decided that she had the catch of the century.....one of Dakota's toys (Dakota is our big, lovable, black lab)...a stuffed floppy legged green puppy.... (Now mind you, this was not a brand new toy....but today it was "special"....Sweet Fusion had decided that AND she was NOT sharing!!!  Below you will see some of the antics that took place as she played this very fun, special morning.




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