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Our customers have always sent us such nice notes about their experiences with their new bengal family members. It makes us feel great to know that they love their SierraGold Bengals and that they have had a positive experience with us! We want to share with you some of the kind words they have given to us...



  Proud member in good standing


and designated a TICA "Outstanding Cattery" #12033






Received 2-6-11

Hi Kathy,
  Just had to tell you that he is an angel! He traveled in my lap with only a few minor protests and I was astounded! I have never seen a cat, especially a kitten that was just taken from his siblings and environment behave so incredibly for 3 hours.
When we arrived home, it didn’t take long before he found his water fountain and food and began to play. I stayed in the room with him for a good hour and bonded with him, he LOVES to be pet and kissed and even loves a good belly rub! During the night, he woke up and started meowing (which I expected) and picked him up and put him next to me. He was delighted and purred like a motorcycle! He slept peacefully next to me for a few hours then decided it was playtime at 5 am. Mario and I obliged him until he got it out of his system and then he settled back down and slept in late with me.  

We ABSOLUTELY adore him, a great personality, loves to be kissed & pet, a very special cat. We will keep you updated on his progress and I hope you will keep me updated on your progress.

Thank you so much for this little bundle of love and being such wonderful people.

Mario & Loraine

From: Barbara B. []
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011 11:50 AM
To: Sierra Gold Bengals


Some pictures of Fairytale ( Veruna ) ! he is fine... actually he is great , so wonderful, playful... amazing ! georgeous, magnificent, sweet.... and so mucccccccccccch more!

WE LOVE HIM a little more everyday !

Thank you Kathy.


Best regards!!!!

B Barbara

Hello Kathy,   (sent February 4, 2011)
Yes you are right it's me on the pictures LOL. ...............! He gives kisses all the time, he run like a crazy cat in the house, he purrs, he sleep with us... he plays and take the balls like a dog, he plays all the time with the children, he is so sweeeet .... and affectionnate.. HE IS UNIQUE ! WONDERFUL , for me he is the most beautiful cat ever^^ LOL! Thank you to let me have  him... I can't imagine my life without my little kitty at home.

I would love see a picture of him on the website, he diserves so much!! people have to know how much your bengals are greaat !!! .. BEST WISHES!!!!!
B Barbara

From: Virginia C.
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 7:24 AM
Subject: Dogs and cats


Marikina from New Mexico and Watson….ya gotta love  them!                


And amazing enough the shot was not staged.  She likes to lie in the crooks of Watson’s legs and this time he stretched out and ta-da…..funny picture.





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From: Jennifer J S
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 6:18 PM
To: Bengal Cats Kathy Hunter
Subject: Yoga Kitty

Just want to let you know how happy we are with Oberon! He absolutely lights up our life!!!!


On Friday, December 24, 2010

Madlen S []

Hello Kathy and George,

  Abiade and we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year !   Thanks again for such a wonderful stud. He is lovely and has such a wonderful pattern. In a few weeks we will match him with our little star Zoe. Cannot wait to see these kittens. Zoe has also a wonderful pattern and she has black markings. This should be an incredible matching !   Abiade is Junior Champion also. Next year there will be more shows.   Have a wonderful week !  

Regards Abiade, Mario, Madlen and all our other pets




On 12/6/10

Dear kathy,

Thank u for your detailed response. Saranyu arrived and she's absolutely perfect!!!! I've spent 3 hours with her and felt like it was 20 min. She's adorable, very social, follows me around, and loves her toys..she ate, drank and did her business in the litter box. She is obsessed with the toy that hangs on the door knob. Right now she's in bed with me..loves jumping on and off the bed and crawling under the duvet cover. She's healthy, happy and perfect. She finally settled down and is curled up in bed. I would like to spend every waking moment with her! Thank you so very much!!!!

Warmest regards,


Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 18:20:11 -0800

(These are pictures of a boy from Buttercup's litter, the same one that produced the supreme--(Ringo, aka Ricochet)--this one is John, the other Beattle baby...) 

Hi, sorry i didnt send pictures of Niko a.k.a John earlier. But here are some photos of him.. Again, thank you for everything! hes the best cat ever!     Bestfriend basically.   Ciera P.


sent November 13, 2010

We are more than thrilled with our gorgeous baby boy Bengal kitten from Sierra Gold Bengals! Thank you for allowing me to come and visit your business and to meet your incredible cats! We adore our new
kitten and the entire family is enchanted by him. Hope named him Lang Lang after a famous Chinese pianist because of his constant stretching and admiring of his paws and balletic body. He is everybody's best friend, including our chow dogs. We will ask you to help us adopt
another Bengal kitty in the near future. We are all in LOVE!
Jennifer, John, Hope, Malam, Aphrodite, and Lang Lang.





 sent November 9, 2010

From: Anthony H []
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 10:25 PM
To: Kathy Hunter
Subject: Khepri (AKA 'Mr. Kipling', 'Rudyard', 'Dan' and various other names!)


Hi Kathy - I thought that you would be interested to see an update of Khepri. He really is the most perfect cat imaginable; super intelligent, endlessly playful, fit as a proverbial fiddle and the happiest, purriest thing on earth. He's also quite a looker, as you can see! Many, many thanks again - I hope that you and George are well - you really are a credit to the breed! Ant.





sent November 9, 2010

Sent from Bill P - SierraGold Chasca (now called (Neytiri") his new pet from SierraGold

With pictures and comments by Bill......


1. Her buddy

2. Neytiri first warming up to us and her new home....she plopped herself there and does so everytime we hit the coach....she demands to be in our lap.

3.Doctor and nurses said she was the friendliest and most well behaved Bengal they ever worked on.


Jackie Bxxxx []

Date: Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 4:57 PM

Hi Kathy,  Hope you are doing well.  I have been meaning to send pics and I haven't yet of Tahoe.  He is the sweetest cat.  We had him neutered a week ago Thursday but haven't gotten the receipt to you yet.  They said their printer was down and I need to call and have them mail me one.  I received this in my email today and so I wanted to forward it to you for your vacation.  Tahoe is a very smart cat and way more affectionate then Saber even.  He definitely is a lap cat.  He is always with us wherever we are.  He sleeps with us and snuggles all the time.  He never runs from you ever.  Non once.  Saber will move away if he doesnt want to be picked up but Tahoe never tries to get away, he is always ready to be picked up.  He fetches like a dog and even sits for treats when told to sit.  He is just wonderful.  We couldn't be happier with him.  I ended up not having to seperate them when I first got them.  I only did it for a day.  Saber loved him right away and even though I thought Saber was being rough I could tell that Tahoe was instigating it.  They licked each other and snuggled together right away.  When we took him to get neutered everyone at the clinic said they had never seen a cat as pretty as Tahoe.  He is beautiful.  He weighs 5.5 lbs now.  Another thing I love about him is that he loves all of us.  He snuggles with everyone. 

.  I promise I will eventually send pictures.  Everytime I try to video Tahoe fetching he decides to not run and just walk to fetch.  I think I have that one I can send.  It is from quite awhile ago though.  Well take care and if you have any questions about the vacation let me know.  Jackie


sent October 26th, 2010

I've attached some pictures below.  Both Uma and Surya are spectacled in white, Surya more distinctly than Uma.  The little one is filling out quite a bit and is looking more like her Mother every day, (Devine Design.) And, as you can see she has tons of glitter...even on her little nose!  She will remain very petite...very energetic and very sweet.  Uma is very intelligent and loves the water...and she has learned quite a vocabulary so far...she is very sweet and is a very good older sister.   They are both wonderful cats...   Thanks Kathy,   Sylvie


sent October 17, 2010

Hello Kathy and George, We just want to send a few words with a picture. It has been a month already since we came to see you and picked him up, and he is a well adjusted, smart and loving bengal. He loves to cuddle and play with Gabriela. Thanks to your breeding program, he is a fine, intelligent bengal. He also travels often with us in the RV to Yelm, Wa, where we take Gabriela for oxygen treatments and very much enjoys the trip. Please receive our best wishes and deep appreciation for your kindness. We hope all is well with you both as well as your beautiful bengal cats. Sincerely, The Coons Family


From: Lisa B. []
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 9:18 PM
To: Kathy Hunter
Subject: Hello!


Dear Kathy,
      I love my new home in Portland. My favorite thing to do is either snuggle with my Mama first thing in the morning to get my belly rubbed OR attack her feet, ankles and kneecaps when she is trying to sleep...I'm not sure...
      My Mama bought me a fountain to drink out of...I like it, but I still like drinking out of the bath faucet better. I have tons of toys to play with but LOVE to torment my sister Lucy - she is awfully cranky.
      We had company over the weekend from out of town - they were afraid of me and thought I would jump on their heads...they were BIG sissys!!
      A week or two ago a little girl came over to play with me and I was a PERFECT angel! She carefully picked me up and carried me around and I did not scratch her even one time, I was very gentle.
      I have learned my name but really only listen to Mama when I want to - she always just wants to pet me and kiss me on the head...she drives me crazy!!!

      I still have a bit of a sneeze but no other symptoms so Mama just keeps an eye on me to make sure nothing else is going on, but I think she plans on asking the vet about it next time we go in. Mama keeps saying the word neuter...I'm not sure what that means...but I don't think I'm going to like it very much!!
      Mama has attached a couple of photos of me. One is self explanitory, the other is of me sitting in a scale, it looks like I'm asleep but really I'm eating a chewy treat - Mama thinks this distracts me so I'll do what she wants...I let her think that so she'll give me more!!
      Well, I better go - I think I need to go get myself in a little trouble, getting bored sitting here on the computer!
      Will write again soon,
                                              Kaveri (written by my momma Lisa)


Sent September 28, 2010

Julie actually purchased two also for her mom.....

They are absolutely gorgeous and, Koulio now Jag is the love of my life.

Julie V.


Sent - November 3, 2010

Hi Kathy,   I really appreciate that we were able to talk last night about the Bengal boy I purchased on Sunday.  He is doing so incredibly well and I am totally in love with his sweet, intelligent and loving personality!  I can see that his start in life at your cattery is what molded him into the superior Bengal kitty he is today.   Attached are two pictures I took on Monday of this week which was less than 24 hours of me bringing him into my home.  He loves the seven foot kitty mansion which I have placed next to a window.  He is adjusting in our large upstairs tiled bathroom.  Once yesterday and once this am I allowed him in the very large attached bedroom and stayed with him.  He loved it running from the bed to a dresser, up onto a windowsill and back onto my lap where I was sitting in a recliner chair.  He is so funny to watch as he will fuzz up his tail and then go in circles chasing his own tail.    I still can not think of a suitable name for this regal Bengal.  Since I was driving yesterday when we were talking I was unable to write down his sire's name.  Could you email that to me please and any other lineage names he is from so I can see if there is a name I like?   Thanks so much Kathy for your time.  I can not imagine how busy you must be all the time.    Sincerely,   Kim C

Sent August 22, 2010

from Morgan S.

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to give you an update.  I named Little Miss Isis "Missi" and at first she was very stand-offish with my cats but after slowly and cautiously being around them for a while I think she has found some new friends.  She is so sweet! The first night I brought her home she was rubbing on me and licking me to death. (after curiously searching my entire house) She is eating well and she loves to play and I'm teaching her how to fetch :) She sleeps on a little pillow downstairs or on the foot of my bed at night and so far she seems pretty happy.  Everyone who has visited me thinks she is the most beautiful cat and she's known as my Jungle Cat now. ......

Morgan S.


sent July 20, 2010

Hi Kathy,


I just wanted to take a moment to give you an update on Jinx.  She is 1 ½ years old now.  I wanted you to know that she is the best cat !  She is not a lap cat but is still very affectionate.  She loves people and lets our grandchildren pester her all day when they visit.  She is not scared of anything and always into everything.  Larry says she is just like a dog except she thinks she owns the place.  My parents purchased a new puppy – miniature schnauzer.  I wish I had a video to send you of the two of them chasing and wrestling each other – we could have won Americas Funniest Video.  The puppy has grown a lot now and Jinx has not seen him but that one time … not sure how that will go the next time.  At Jinx’s yearly vet visit in May, Dr. Nutt was extremely pleased with her physical appearance and especially her personality.


Jinx is truly awesome and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  She is a wonderful character thanks to her parentage and your raising her.


Thank you so much.


Mitzi S.

DCD - Atlanta

Hi Kathy,


My little guy is doing GREAT. He’s just about to turn 10 months old, and is funny and chubby and happy and affectionate, and the most amazing athlete – unbelievably quick, and able to do these incredible leaps in which he changes direction in mid-air. If he didn’t bite my toes every morning at 4 a.m. when he wants me to wake up, he’d be absolutely perfect. J


Even though I’m set kitten-wise for the foreseeable future, I still check out your website every few weeks just for fun, because your boys and girls are so gorgeous.


I just wanted to let you know that I’m really, really, really happy that Marratu, et al, have been rescued from the woman in Holland. I felt so bad for you from a financial standpoint, and I felt terrible for the kittens. I simply don’t understand how anyone can neglect or mistreat anything as trusting and affectionate and helpless as these little furballs. Just thinking about it turns my stomach. Anyway, I hope you get at least some of the money due you back.

I’ll send you a photo of Caliban when I get one updated.





June 29, 2010

April 23, 2010

From:  EliteCats Bengals []

Hi Kathy and George,  

Hope all your family are well.   We do adore Topaz! He is amazing boy and all our family loves him! He is settled very well. He looks great! I'm so pleased with his body type, rosettes, color and contrast. Just love his tiny ears!   We got the mail from the TICA that Topaz is eligible for Triple Grand Champion Title! We did apply and receive already Champion and Grand Champion Certificates and expecting two more in a couple of weeks. So he is going to be the TICA Triple Grand Champion! It's so exiting for us!   Thank you so much for Topaz!   Warm Regards, Olga Anissimov and Family - Australia


May 23, 2010

..... Kathy,   It's getting a little late here, and it's been an eventful day, to understate it a bit, but I did want George and you to know that our new kitten has arrived safely and seems, by all that I can tell, in great shape.    I will certainly keep you posted, so this is a short note for now, but a couple of quick things:  

- oh, my, what a beautiful kitten.  No kidding.  This is simply the most remarkable looking kitten that I may have ever seen ........ and so agrees anyone who has today seen him   - my kids are thrilled, abolutely thrilled.      - at least based upon the experience of a day, or part of one, I simply cannot overstate how utterly different in character and temperment this kitten is from the one that (.......another cattery) sent to us several years ago.  Actually, the difference, on first pass, is simply uncanny.  They seem to be completely and fully 180 degrees different.  "...............'s kitten was scared to death, often hissing, almost refused to be held or touched, etc ............ and remained in hiding for the entire 10 days or so that we had him.    This kitten?  My.  Let's see.  I'm not sure that I've ever seen a more people-friendly kitten.  He seems to be open to EVERYONE .... even all at once, and not even remotely afraid of the circumstances.   Actually, I'm amazed.  I dunno, but this seems to be an incredibly well-socialized little cat, who, during a day after what must have been a terrifying trip, has seriotically napped on just about everyone's lap quite cozily.

So, I'd say, we're off to a very good start.  I will admit, I'm not entirely sure what exactly we're in for her with this little guy.  I have the sense he's not one to sit back and fade into the wallpaper!   ..... and he surely seems to be a talker!  

Yep, I'll will be in touch soon and in some form keep you posted, but as we sit now, all systems seems go .............  .  

I'm sure I'll need some more advice as we go along, but I wanted to shoot a quick note, both to update and thank you about todays events.   Perhaps, the attached photos tells the story.   Hmmmm, Kathy, but it certainly seems that you folks manage to offer some incredible kittens!  

Talk or write soon, and best regards,  



October 8, 2009

Hi Kathy,
Here's a couple of recent pics of our little girl TongJaa....she's growing fast and becoming more beautiful everyday...abt. 8.5 pounds now.  She gets lots of love and attention.  Thanks again for such a terrific kitty and the toys.

(From a previous email)  Our sweet little TongJaa is 4 months now and growing fast and getting prettier every day; a little over 4 lbs now.  She is simply adorable and tons of fun!!  She loves to play tag and chase each other around the house.  She is an amazing little kitty.  

Best wishes!
Wayne and Oye

October 3, 2009

I just wanted to update you about only the sexiest cat on the block!  Disco Boombox just turned a year old on September 27th.  Kathy, this little guy is my number one sidekick.  I don't know how else to put it, we are together sooooo much, and if it's not him yelling at me to hang out with him, it's me harassing him to keep me company.  We came back home to Michigan and are back at my house with my two dogs - Maverick, an 80lb pit bull, and Mist- a siberian husky.  The minute Disco marched in the door, he has had no problem fitting right in.  He keeps the dogs young, I swear, he is just part of the gang.  Obviously as you know, he acts more like a dog than the typical domestic cat people are familiar with, but hey, that's why SierraGold is the place to go if you want not just a cat, but so much more.  He is sooo funny, handsome, crazy, smart as can be, cute, badass (pardon my language), awesome guy, and as expected...such a looker.  I truly could not be more happy and ask for anything else in a family member.  I am attaching some of your older pics so you know which guy I'm talking about, and some I took not too long ago towards the end of the summer when we were hanging outside together.  I have to take him out on the leash with my dogs every time they go out or he'll yell at me lol (but always on a leash).  
I have visited your website a bunch, and see that you are doing wonderful, which makes me so happy.  Don't be surprised if I come back in a few for a gorgeous rosetted one like ITS VEGAS BABBBBBBYYY - so so handsome I love those rosettes.  But, honestly, one is perfect because I absolutely love giving him the attention he demands, and he gives so much back in return.  He's not a purrrer, and I have actually never heard him purrr, but he is sure a headbutter, leg climber, quite the hairstylist, my hair that is lol, and soooo much more.  And, nothing scares him (as he is currently sitting on top of the pit bull annoying the heck out of him).
You guys are the best!  I'm so grateful!  I'd be more than happy to  be a reference if ever necessary, but I bet you have hundreds.  Even though Disco is neutered, down the line I hope to breed these awesome companions, but I find it hard to believe all can be as cool as he is.  I bet everyone says that really found quite the perfect pet for those lucky enough to have one of yours.  Even my little brother, how is soooo allergic to cats, loves Disco and b/c of his pelt, isn't bad around him at all.  Such a blessing.  Love you guys!  Hope all is well.  

Thanks for everything.
Michael A. Root & Disco Boom Boom 


August 2, 2009 --- from England

Hi Ladies,

Well now I have a spare 10 mins to write to you both and tell you all about Mirage and his arrival.

I arrived at animal reception at 12 this afternoon and they brought him out to me in his carrier and he was as silent as a lamb, we opened the door and he strutted out to meet us, I picked him up to give him a cuddle and he started to purr and pad on me. After an initial fuss I put his harness on and we took him out to the car he sat on my lap for about 10 mins and then decided he would mach rather laze on the back seat and take in the view from the window, with the odd chatter every now and then to let us know he wanted a ticked tummy and a bit more of a fuss!

We were caught in traffic for about an hour and Mirage amused the people in the cats next to us by popping up and down and watching and talking to them he was blown kisses from the 2 little girls in the passing cars so after only being in the car an hour he made some fans!!!

We arrived home and I took him into the lounge he was not impressed with all of my cats wishing to meet him so I thought OK we will take you out into the cattery and you can play in the big run and we can take some pictures for your other two Mommy's in the states!

He posed for pictures beautifully and I have updated the website with news of his long awaited arrival and his new pictures. boy oh boy is he something special! His coat is stunning the glitter just shines off him, his rosettes again are beautiful and I just love him, Mick does too! Mirage has settled down and eaten something and has used his litter tray with no issues at all I was worried he might have an upset tummy from all of the stress but no everything was firm and normal!

I cannot begin to thank you both for allowing Mirage to come to us and I know that this whole thing has been 1 stress after the other for Kirsten but I am overwhelmed by the job she has done of raising him, I have made a point of saying on the website that "I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Kirsten and Kathy of Sierra gold Bengals for the wonderful job they do with their Bengals and for the socialisation they put into the cats they raise" He truly is a wonderful, handsome, well socialised young man who has truly made me forget everything that's happened over the last few days and the stress was a billion times worth it just to see him feel him, cuddle him, and talk to him I would do it all over again in an instance. I know that Kirsten might never want to export again to the UK but I know exactly who I am coming to when I am looking for my next baby and that's you guys at Sierra gold!

Kathy I wish you all of the success's in the world with your stunning Bengals and I will be sure to continue visiting the website for my kitty fix! Kirsten I hope you find the job of your dreams soon and that everything turns around for you are Ron you are all such wonderful people that I am sure everything will work out!

I truly hope you love and enjoy the pictures and please if you want to use any part of this e-mail on your website please do so!

Sending you both all of our love and we WILL keep in touch

Laura & Mirage xx

August 1, 2009

Hi Kathy I can not tell you how wonderful this kitten is. I am sure you hear this from everyone. I am sending pictures soon. The temperament of your kittens is amazing. I am going to take him to a local nursing home as he is like a rag doll. ............. I do absolutely love this baby! Hope all is well with you and I know everyone sends pictures but mine plays the piano already. Sincere thanks Chris Ortegel



Hi Kathy,   Shayna tried calling and left a message on Tuesday.  Autumn is doing great!  She is a little charmer.  When your eating cereal in the mornings she will do everything possible just to get a taste of that milk.  I told Shayna not to give her any.  She will come to Shayna and play with her.  Autumn will turn over on her back, as Shayna is petting her, she will grab Shayna's hand nibble & lick, then let Shayna scratch her belly some more.  She is coming around alot more.  She is a beautiful kitty~~ and has an awesome personality~~ so curious and fun.. She will creep around the house while she is discovering new things. I will send you pictures !!   Thanks again for your love and generousity!   Lisa Brown


Hi Kathy, just thought i would share this photo to show you how amazing "simba" is...he is a huge boy and so kind and sweet. Thankyou for such a great cat!
steve amendola


March 2009 -

Lynn purchased a brother and sister little golden rosetted pair as top quality pets.  Here is what she had to say after getting them home and to her vet:

Hi Kathy,

I brought the kids to the vet and got an A+ in terms of their health.  The vet was so taken with how beautiful they are that she scopped them up and showed them off to everyone in the clinic!  Another vet asked for your contact information because she always wanted a bengal.

The kids are great and now explore the entire house.  Water is a key facsination for them, especially Zeva.  Also paper cups and napkins seem to be preferred over store bought toys.  Straws are also a hit.

Tried to put collars on them but that made them crazy.  We'll try again for short periods of time.

They are sleeping with me and I can't believe how these two little creatures take up most of the bed!  Not sure how I will sleep when they get bigger.

As you can tell I am madly in love with Gus and Zeva and they bring incredible joy to me.

Thanks for being a world class breeder!

All the best,


12/26/08 Elizabeth recently purchased these two lovely kittens as top quality pets

 Did you ask if our Bengals like dogs??

........."I'm so in love with these cats temperaments and of course their
beauty! Three days ago they came out of their 'new home' strss and
are now racing and bopping all over their room. Tomorrow I may
take the next step to let them out into the other rooms. Their
upbringing with dogs has been wonderful in the intro of my Aussie
boys. I've been taking a dog in one at a time and putting them into
a down. The spotted cat (Kutai)is the most outgoing for now and today he
came up 2x and touched noses with my herd boy. Yeah! " .........Elizabeth


Dec. 2008 - SierraGold Fire on Jupiter (now "Kutai")and SierraGold FireStruck (now "Kipling")enjoying their new home and friend!  This is just after the first week at their new home.

Pictures credits go to Elizabeth...Thank your Elizabeth for allowing us to use these wonderful pictures!

12/27/08 - This was just received from our clients (and good friends) Dave and Melina of Beckatt Bengals in Australia. We recently shipped four of our Bengls to them in Australia as foundation cats for their new cattery. Here is what they had to say about their experience with SierraGold:


"Hi ..... Kathy,

Well I just wanted to write on you web site and recommend you to everyone, and tell everyone that you and your cats are the best!!!

I wanted everyone to know what we have been though, and how you and your dear husband George bent over backwards to help Dave and I sooo much, at your own time, and expense.


You both were there for us, right from the start, helping us steer though the nightmare that began, when our ThunderStorms m/chip came out, which left us a little poorer and a wait of a further six months of quarantine, before our ThunderStorm could finally come home, to his new family.


Then there was the sequel to the original nightmare, that involved the incompetent transport company, letting us know the day that our cats were to fly out, that they, (incompetent transport company) screwed (up) the paper work, and our cats could not come out, at all, ever. That was a dark day for our breeding program, here in Australia. But once again you, and George, helped sort out the nightmare, and brought a little glimmer of hope, back to the day. Thanks again.  Our cats are here, because of you, and your hard work.


              It was exciting to visit you and George, and your wonderful cats on our visit to the states. It was lovely to see how well you look after your cats and how well adjusted your cats were. Many thanks on the many places that you took us, San Francisco was a blast and the wonderful restaurant that we dined at that night. The giant red woods were amazing, a site that we will never forget. Yosemite National park, well words cannot describe!!! It is such a big job to run a cattery properly like you do, and then have visitors stay with you from abroad, and take them all over, from the cat shows, to sight seeing.


We want everyone to know that Kathy and George are very hospitable people that raise loving, wonderfully marked, healthy well breed bengals, with top genetics. Their Bengals are part of their home and life and they put so much time and effort in to what they do, and it pays off as you can just see the results.

I would recommend them to anyone that is thinking of a pet/show/breeder or thinking of importing.


You cant go wrong with them and if you would like a recommendation right from my mouth then just email me on and I would be more than happy to tell you more and give you a character reference.(mind you it will be all shining)"



Lots of love

Dave and Melina Beckett

(Beckatt Bengals Australia)



9/10/08 Angela recently purchased two lovely silver bengals for her Bengal program in England

Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:50 AM
Subject: Storm & Purdy


Dear Kathy & George,

Just an update on Storm & Purdy.

They have settled into the quarantine well and everyone loves them.

Storm is a purring machine we love his nature and he is turning into

a very handsome boy.

Purdy is a little rascal always on the move purring whilst causing havoc.

They both are sweethearts.

I visit them twice weekly and take them a treat, they talk to me when they hear my

voice and recognize me instantly.

This will help a lot when we get them home.

It has been six weeks already since they arrived time goes so fast.

Hope you are both well

Best Wishes

Ange  UK


Hey Kathy,


Mizu is doing really well.  He acclimates to any environment very quickly—I’m quite impressed.  I’ve never experienced such a talkative and affectionate cat.  He is truly a godsend.  I’m so proud of him; he destroyed his first toy yesterday in true Bengal fashion.



Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 9:27 AM
To: Kathy Hunter
Subject: softaz silk...

  Hi Kathy!!  

Just letting you know that Softaz Silk is doing great... actually her new name is Jamila Malika, and she's basically been purring and playing from the moment we got home. She really didn't need any time at all to adjust it seems, she never hid at all and slept with me even the first night. She's very sweet and affectionate and playful and eating and pooping good. 

I'm so happy to have her.   Yesterday in the sun her fur was really glittering!! 

Thanks so much Kathy.




Hi Kathy,
this is Ivette, had a couple of questions for you. How can I keep Shani off my counters I keep telling her to get off and I make her get off but she gets back on and on and on. I also wanted to know what kind of kitty treats I can give her and is it ok to give her greenies.
By the way, we are having such a great time with her........ she is sooooooooo much fun, we love her dearly.

Thank you for everything,


From: Joni
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 2:15 PM
Subject: Zeeba

Hi Kathy,
It has been so long. I had a health issue this summer and had to have surgery in September. Seems as though something is always going on. I hope you and your family, kitties and all, are all doing well. I wanted to update you on one of the sweetest kittie in the world....Zeeba (Devine Diva). She is just so gorgeous and I think she looks so much like her daddy, Calypso. I am sending you some pictures so you can see her fabulous spots. They are so large and have rosetted beautifully. My husband says she is changing and growing more beautiful each day...she has REALLY grown on him! :) Imagine that, lol. She is in perfect health and is the Queen of the house! She talks in many different voices, each with its own meaning. When she really wants to get our attention she uses her He-Man voice, lol, nothing like the normal cat voice. I have to stop and look at her to make sure that voice came out of her sweet little self.

We have enjoyed her more than we ever thought. She will soon be 8 months old and will be able to be shown as an adult. There are no shows close to here until after the first of the year. I will then show her and she certainly will put on a good showing.

I am still hoping you will be able to have her bred to one of your fine studs. Your website is fabulous and it really shows off all the beauty and quality you have developed. I am sending you some pictures of "Zeeba". I am so proud of her and love to show her off. Sweet Fusion and Calypso really out did themselves with her and their newest kittens on the website.

I will let you go for now and hope to visit with you in the future regarding possible breeding once she starts her heat cycles.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Happy Holidays and best regards,



From: Denice
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 11:22 PM
To: Kathy D. Hunter
Subject: Summer

Hi Kathy,

Well what can I say. This is the 4th cat I have gotten from you and again I am blown away of the unbelivable beauty and quality of our new baby, and all of my cats. She is everything I hoped for and more! She is so sweet and loving. She had no fear of the dogs or other cats and I think Rosie thinks she is her baby. She started to clean her and cuddle up to her like she was mommy. I didn't even have her in the house for a half an hour and she was already playing with the other cats, found her litter box and fountain. She rode on the dash board of the truck on our way home from the airport and was as confortable as could be.

I look forward to building my breeding program with more of what I feel are the finest quality bengal cats I have ever seen. Thank-you so much!!! Sierra Gold Bengals are the best!!!


From: Nancy
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 9:36 AM
To: 'Kathy D. Hunter'
Subject: Crescendo!

Thank you so much!

She is so awesome.. no words to describe what she does for us as far as pleasure to the eye to watch and her curiosity and the amusement she brings. She totally adapted and is so smart. Her beauty is beyond words.

We love her and there are no words to say enough about her.

A pet so wonderful says a lot about you...
thank you for raising her so well!!!!

We are so happy,

Neal, Nancy and Christian.


From: Lori
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2008 2:18 PM
Subject: Kitty...


Just wanted to drop you a quick note, I love my kitty!!! 

He is everything you said he would be.  Absolutely adorable, incredibly cute, lovable, purrs constantly, very vocal (which I love) and just precious.

I showed him to my sister and my neighbor and they are envious of how precious he is.

I called you from the airport when he got him, his flight was late, got home and gave him some food and water, naturally he was a little scared, we sat on the floor and just lovingly talked to him and he came out from under the bed, came by me so I can pick him up, just gave him hugs and kisses.  He ended up sleeping right next to me, naturally woke up in the middle of the night a couple of times ready for play mode ~ Saturday morning was more of the same...we played alot, he came by us more, by Sunday its as if he's been with us for a while; he comes up to me and wants to be petted, talks all the time, sits next to me, crawls in my lap.

He has started to roam the house now to investigate his new home and runs around wildly, plays with all his toys.  I love him so much!  He is just the sweetest kitty, he has even melted my husband, he'll come and just spread himself out right next to him.

Just wanted to say thanks again.  I only have the one, I can only imagine how you feel with a whole house full!

Warm Regards,


From: Laura
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 2:46 PM
To: Kathy D. Hunter
Subject: Zorrinna


What can I say....She is a doll!!!  We couldn't be happier with our new little baby.  Thank you soooo much.

I am still hoping for another kitty soon, but for now I think I will just enjoy her.



Thanks again!!!

Laura (and family)


From: Jennifer K

Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 6:32 PM


Subject: Bengal UPDATE


Hi Kathy,

Sorry we haven't talked in such a long time. I know you are a very busy woman... I just got through browsing your website. I saw that the Safari Room is completed. It looks wonderful!! Here is a quick update of the two half siblings sired by your Champ Gogees Rio De Oro (of SierraGold). I did manage to get my

two kittens in Hawaii without any problems...they love it here and we even build an outdoor enclosure for them to play. Thank you so much for producing such beautiful and well tempered Bengals. Everyone that comes over to our house is amazed by them. People are always asking where I got these gorgeous cats...then I send them along to your website. Hahaha!!

Truthfully, now that we have Shombay and Shawnee as part of our family....I don't know what I'd do without them!! They have learned to have more patience with my 3 1/2 year old...and she has learned how to care for and respect animals. They have both become very talkative ....  =)

Thank you again Kathy, for your hard work and dedication to this breed and your commitment to finding each kitten the purr-fect family. As a true Bengal fan...there really is no better breed to fall in love with!


Jennifer K. and family


Hii Kathy and George,

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both again. Ed was not only very surprised by Sinatra's arrival but very excited!

Sinatra did wonderfully last night as well. After a pretty noisy first 10 miles he settled in and slept most of the car ride home. When we got home I set him all up in my bedroom and he slept curled up in the nook of my arm pretty much all night. The flight was quick and painless and he is adjusting very well to his new forever home out here.

We absolutely adore him...and we love the fact that he loves affection. He has turned out to be quite the cuddle bug.

Thank you again...I will send a picture email immediately following this.

Jessica and Ed.

From: Pam
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2007 6:48 PM
To: Kathy D. Hunter
Subject: Update on the 3 kittens


Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know how the kittens are doing.  Tessa (Rebel x Sabrina) is a little wild cat, doesn't stop moving untill she's ready to drop. Then she demands pets and cuddles, now!  Her face is beautiful with the prettiest markings and colors. Her coat has bold dark spots and so silky.  If I pat my shoulder she jumps on and goes for a ride.

Kintaro (aka Kinny) (Calypso x Urockgirl) is huge, 2 weeks younger than Tessa he is a 1 1/2 pounds heavier.  His color has begun to darken to the orange of his dad, but he has Rocky's wild head and neck. The rosetted spots just become more and more striking. What a beautiful cat.  He is so sweet and loving, purring and kneading at just the hint of cuddles.

Alicia's kitten, the little one, Absolute (aka Abby) (Calypso x Passion) is a doll and so fiesty. She has lost the kitten clumsies and runs and plays with her older cousins, never backing done from any game. Her silver marble coat was always striking, but now it's awesome.  Her huge eyes and wild face make her look like an elf or a pixie cat. The vet had a hard time listening to her heart, because she wouldn't stop purring.  What a little love.

I feel so lucky to have found you and your husband when I started looking for a Bengal cat. (Notice I said "a" Bengal, as in "one".  lol...)  The love you have for them shows in every kitten.

Thank you for the additions to my little family,




From: Sim
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 11:30 AM
Subject: RE: Kitten


Hello Kathy,

I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful kitten, and all of the help and information. She was really nervous after the ride home, but she is doing just fine now. I'm sure that people will inquire about where I got this special cat from, and I will of course refer you. It is obvious that you care not only about these cats, but also the people they go to....

Thanks Again




From: Alanna
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 3:21 PM
Subject: Re: Venus Rising


Venus is a silly kitten. She loves the vaccuum hose. If you're using just the hose (like when you take off the head to suck up stuff in a corner) she wants to put her paw down the hose. She has a great time doing this. I got her on video doing it, and when my mom turned the vaccuum off, she protested, meowing for her to turn it back on. When mom tried to vaccuum, she jumped on the bed and pawed her, so mom put the hose up there and Venus rubbed it across her side back and fourth. Not only does she like to stick her paws in the hose, she apparenlty likes to be vaccumed. It's so funny!




From: Alanna
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 4:57 AM
Subject: Re: Brighty


She's just WAY too sweet. I held her in the suv because she got LOUD in the crate. (wow! she can scream LOL)

She purred and rubbed and even licked my face."Thank you for letting me out of there!", she seemed to say.

My husband put his hand over to pet her and she licked his hand too.  She is prettier in person than she is in the pictures. Nice small ears, great profile. Chin is better than I expected too.  It goes to show you pictures don't tell the whole story.

I feed my cat's royal canin, so there shouldn't be any food adjustment issues.

Thank you again for this kitten.

Warm regards,




From: Heather
Sent: April 22, 2007
Subject: Ceile


Hi Kathy,
My fiance, Kevin, and I were fortunate enough to buy 2 kittens from you last year--their birthday was March 1st, 2006. Just to update you--they have been nothing but fun for us ever since they arrived in our home!! Casper (formerly Moonshadow) plays fetch and loves catching his toys while jumping into the air-always entertaining! And Winston also loves making long and high leaps from cabinets and bookshelves. Kevin and I just want to thank you so much for making these guys available for us--we love them dearly! Attached is a picture of them cuddling together (a favorite past-time) in their cat tree, even though they are a little to big to fit in there!

Again, thanks for everything!












From: Sunny
Sent: February 2005
Subject: Ceile

(Sunny and Adam purchased a silver spotted girl Cicely the end of last year and now have this gorgeous marble girl, Ceile, to love also!)


......Yes, Ceili is absolutely gorgeous!  I am just amazed at her beauty so often Her back is perfectly symmetrical too! She's just breathtaking. And Cecily is still lacking some contrast, I think, but it doesn't matter. She's the greatest cat you could ask for. (Ceili is a little troublemaker!) She's taken to rolling onto her back so that we'll rub her tummy, which is a new thing; makes me tear up everytime because it's so cute! 

We just adore both of them and are SO glad that we decided to get our cats from you.  

....Here's a pictures of Ceili, trying to attack the chandelier. It's been there as long as the cats have but, within the past few days, they act like they've never seen it before and circle it, howling. Very weird, but cute. Enjoy!  

Sunny*   (From Reno, NV)



From: David
March 27, 2005


Hi Kathy!
Just got in! Let Starlight out of the carrier, and she looked around, knocked the toy basket over and started playing with her toys. My other Bengal still hasn't quite understood what is going on, but she is really curious about what is going on. Give them a couple of days. I am really impressed with this kitten! She isn't afraid at all, instead is begging to play!

Thanks for such a wonderful purchase! David, Reno, NV



From: May Chu

Sent: January 2005


Subject: Zeus and Venus


Dearest Kathy,

You are our #1!!! We thought these photos of the Sierra Gold Bengal kitties would speak for itself. Zeus, and Venus are awesome, they are always purring away, and so full of love.

Thank You, SierraGold Bengals and to it's wonderful, wonderful,

Bengal breeder.


May Chu, John





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