At SierraGold Bengals we breed and have Bengal kittens available all year long.  They come from the top champion lines in the country combining the best qualities of our beloved bengal; great health, fun and friendly character, beautiful wild look and conformation and, of course, clear brilliant patterns! We usually have Bengal kittens available in Brown, Silver & Snow Spotted/Rosetted patterns.  We love bengals and are enjoying our never-ending adventures with them and our quest to create brilliant examples of the breed.



Photos We feel that bengals are among the brightest and most social of cats and we raise our bengals as members of the family. We are with our queens when they give birth and cuddle and play with the babies from their first days. The kittens have received their first two vaccinations and are litter-box trained by the time they are ready to go to their forever homes. We occasionally have young bengals available for adoption that are retiring from our breeding program. They are top-quality bengals and beautiful, loving pets.

SierraGold is a TICA registered "Outstanding Cattery"; we have been in business for the past 13 years breeding and showing in an honest and ethical manner our fabulous Bengals.  We are one of a few TOP Breeders in the country where you can find sensational Silver Spotted/Rosetted, Brown/Gold Spotted/Rosetted, and Incredible Snow Spotted/Rosetted patterns.  Our reputation for quality is well known with our many SierraGold Champion to Supreme Grand Champion Bengals.  Temperaments and Health are guaranteed by written contract and if you are looking for that show/alter or loving pet kitten with a fabulous look and personality, at SierraGold Bengal we will work with you to find that special kitten or adult.  We believe our excellent reputation preceeds us as we are there for our clients before, during and long after their purchase with ongoing support.

We are building our site to provide a terrific place to learn about these special animals and to share our beautiful Bengals. Please come back often as our site grows; we will always be adding to the articles in All About Bengals. We'll be sharing stories of our adventures with these fun companions along with news about SierraGold cattery in our SierraGold Bengal Journal. We hope you'll enjoy the pictures and antics of our funny "kids" as much as we do!  Wherever you are in the world we can help you find your kitten.  We are especially easy to get to if you are in the California Bay Area, San Francisco area, Northern California, Southern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.

We are very sorry to say that due to recent regulations by USDA/APHIS, we are no longer able to ship kittens.  All buyers

must take physical possession of their cats/kittens in person.



SierraGold Bengals, Cat Breeders, Columbia, CA


(209) 588-8444

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